Electric Pv

Xtra Energy Renewables can supply and install Solar Electric PV panels for the residential, commercial, farming and construction sectors.  Because of our low cost base, we can offer substantial discounts to our customers, including builders and other large scale developers.

How PV Works

PV systems convert solar radiation into electricity, thereby replacing or reducing the need to buy electricity through the national grid from utility suppliers.

Because the PV unit uses light, including very dim light, rather than heat from the sun, the system is well suited to Irish weather conditions.

PV Solar Electric Panels can be fitted to your building’s roof, mounted on ground based frames or used to replace conventional roofing, cladding or glazing in commercial buildings and offices.

Key Benefits Residential

  • Reduction in your energy bills
  • Excess electricity can be sold back to the grid
  • PVs have long lifespans; 40+ years
  • Produce no pollutant emissions/ improves your BER rating
  • Maintenance Free


Xtra Energy Renewables can integrate all modern milking machines into our PV Solar Panel System, thereby reducing your electricity costs.

Other Benefits include:

  • Uses existing roofs to generate electricity/revenue
  • Qualifies for Accelerated Capital Allowance for PV
  • Reduces your CO2 emissions


Benefits of Electric-PV to Commercial Projects:

  • Open, empty spaces can be used to generate revenue
  • Zero operational costs
  • Provides greater return than traditional savings and investments
  • No damage or visual impact on surrounding landscape
  • Zero impact on birds and wild life