Plumbing and Heating

Xtra Energy Renewables offers a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services throughout Ireland, with an emphasis on environmental friendliness and first class customer service. We install premium quality underfloor heating systems and advanced eco-friendly, energy efficient and maintenance free water heating units.

Boiler & Heat Controls

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) recommends that a boiler should be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely. They also recommend the use of boiler controls in order to save money and reduce environmental impact.
Xtra Energy Renewables can evaluate your existing boiler/heating system and provide recommendations and solutions for greater efficiencies and savings.

Heat Controls
One of Xtra Energy Renewables’ qualified and experienced plumbers can divide your house into separate zones, e.g. kitchen, living areas and bedrooms, giving you separate timeclock control over each zone, enabling you to switch on/off heating in different areas, as required.
We can install an easy to use temperature control touch screen and/or a remote control system, which allows you to regulate your heating when you are not at home.

Cut your Fuel Bills
If your boiler is twelve years or older, then it is likely that it is working at only 70% or less efficiency. By replacing your older, low efficiency boiler with a new, high energy efficient condensing boiler, you can save yourself money, by cutting your fuel bills by a quarter.
An SEAI grant is available, which will reduce the cost of your boiler and heating control upgrades.

Solid Fuel Stoves

At Xtra Energy Renewables we provide solid fuel solutions that are both energy efficient and cost effective. Our stoves are beautifully designed and manufactured and use the latest “clean burning” technology to meet the highest international standards.
All of our plumbers are HETAS approved stove installers.

Key Benefits
• 80%+ heat efficiency– open fire is only around 20% (most heat goes up the chimney)
• Improves your BER rating
• Vast range of contemporary, classic, minimalist, stand alone and insert stoves, available at highly competitive rates