Solar Hot Water

Here at Xtra Energy Renewables we provide clean, free, natural energy from the sun, to heat your water, using state of the art, high spec Solar Panels.

We use only top quality systems including Joule and Kingspan.  All of our solar panels have been designed to suit our Irish climate.

All of our installations are carried out by our own qualified and experienced SEAI and HETAS approved plumbers.

Benefits for Householders

  • Reduces your electricity bill
  • Cuts your CO2 emissions and improves your BER rating
  • Protects against increasing energy costs
  • Our systems are low maintenance, silent and odour free

Solar Dairy Solutions

Because milk storage tanks and equipment need to be cleaned thoroughly every day, we understand that a regular supply of hot water is essential to the smooth running of your dairy operations.

Xtra Energy Renewables can save you both time and money by installing a solar hot water system that will provide you with the hot water that you need.  The benefits for you will be reduced heating costs – up to 70% annually and also a reduction in the time it takes to heat the water.  Our solar units can be installed in 1-2 days, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Because of our low cost base, we can provide you with highly competitive rates.

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