Solar servicing

Xtra Energy Renewables specialise in making your existing solar energy system run as efficiently, reliably and cost effectively as possible.

We service and repair all makes of solar heating systems, including Joule and Kingspan.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Prolongs the life and efficiency of your system
  • Maximises the savings on your energy bills
  • Fulfils the service and maintenance criteria for your system’s warranty
  • Ensures that your system operates at its optimal level
  • Reduces the need for replacement parts and fittings

On-site Inspections and Checks

Xtra Energy Renewables will carry out on-site inspections, tests and corrective maintenance procedures to ensure that your system is performing at its optimum level.  We can resolve potential issues before they arise, thereby saving you money on costly replacement parts and fittings.

Our standard service includes the following inspections and checks:

  • Test and diagnose for low power production
  • Detailed visual inspection of collector and fixings
  • Inspection of the system for leaks at joints and on the roof
  • Check of system’s pressure, flow rates and for any signs of overheating
  • Ensure control settings are correct
  • Inspect for air in the system
  • Check of your system’s pressure relief valve
  • Use refractometer to check glycol concentration levels in panels and top-up or replace if necessary